10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-19

As far as this boot is concerned, it’s still the golden era of backpacking. To build it, Danner bootmakers sought out leathers identical to those used on the original model. This reintroduced classic features stitchdown construction and ground-chewing Vibram® Kletterlift outsoles. Full-grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon uppers deliver outstanding protection and support in a relatively lightweight package.

The Danner Light is now available both in-store and online at PackerShoes.com. Retail is set at $330 USD.

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-22

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-20

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-24

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-23

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-25

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-21

BANNER 10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi

Inspired by bold styling of the 1980s Danner Free Spirit hiking boot, the Jag is a contemporary take on the retro hiker. Constructed with a suede and canvas upper and 100% waterproof Danner® Dry lining, the Jag is equally as functional as it is dynamic. An EVA midsole and Ortholite® footbed provide extra cushioning for ultimate comfort while urban exploring.

Offered in three autumn ready color options, the Danner Jag Boot is now available both in-store and online at PackerShoes.com. Retail is set at $150 USD each.

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-1

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-28

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-14

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-13

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-15

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-3

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-29

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-18

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-4

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-17

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-2

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-27

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-11

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-9

10-5-15 DANNER BOOTS @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-26

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-3

We are proud to intro our initial Packer “Private Label” offering for the Fall 2015 Season.

Included in our capsule collection are two sets of newly designed made in Canada Packer “P” logo t-shirts ($30 USD) and mesh pocket basketball shorts ($35 USD) which are accompanied by two Private Label 6-Panel caps ($30 USD each) and a co-branded Starter “P” Logo snapback ($30 USD).

Click HERE to purchase.

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-5

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-10

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-8

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-6

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-7

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-1

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-2

PACKER APPAREL 10-2-15 IMAGES BY @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi-4

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-39

adidas Y-3 Boost QR Knit – black/white ($410)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-17

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-41

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-44

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-45

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-40

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-42

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-28

adidas Y-3 Snow Model – graphite/navy ($350)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-14

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-31

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-30

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-32

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-29

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-33

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-34

adidas Y-3 Desert Boot – black tumbled leather/white ($385)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-16

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-36

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-35

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-37

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-38

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-52

adidas Y-3 Women’s Qasa Elle Lace – nightcar/black ($385)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-20

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-57

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-56

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-55

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-54

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-53

adidas Y-3 Women’s Qasa Elle Lace – triple black ($385)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-18

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-47

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-49

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-50

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-48

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-23

adidas Y-3 Women’s Femme Boost Lace – white ($350)

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-19

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-25

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-27

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-24

9-30-15 @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-26

Now available in-store at Packer Shoes

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-47

Raf Simons presents the latest design in his ongoing collaboration with adidas in the form of the distinctive Response Trail silhouette. Inspired by the suits worn by astronauts and crafted from premium metallic calf-leather with lightweight, breathable mesh panels throughout, the sneakers are finished with a robust rubber sole with Adiprene+ system, a unique lace-up closure with exaggerated eyelets and subtle Raf Simons by adidas branding throughout.

The Raf Simon x adidas Consortium Response Trail Robot is now available in store and online at PackerShoes.com.

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-51

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-48

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-52

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-50

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-49

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-53

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-61

The BAIT x Asics Tiger 25th Anniversary Model-004 “Nightmare” is the 4th evolution from the previous “Models” of BAIT Gel-lyte III’s, the Nightmare is dressed in combinations of the most premium materials allowed.

Tilapia skin suede in combination with Scaled reptile suede, frame the upper, while a rich full-grain leather, imported from the tanneries of Japan cover the vamp and formstripes. The quarter is caged by a silver metal mesh with 3M hexagons tracing back to the roots of its previous models. The tongue is split between black wire mesh and silver wire mesh that are underlayed by BAIT branded reflective 3M panels, extravagantly lined with a premium black leather interior. The constant white midsole is hit with black speckles, while the leather insoles is hit with metallic BAIT and Asics branding. The first of its kind, the “Nightmare” will feature an all iced outsole that boldly proclaim the BAIT and ASICS partnership. Three lace options of Silver 3M rope, black waxed rope, and black waxed flat will come equipped with each BAIT x Asics Tiger 25th Anniversary Gel Lyte III Model-004 “Nightmare.”

Launching in store 12pm noon this Saturday – September 26th at Packer Shoes.

Remaining stock from launch (if any) will post online at 8pm EDT online at PackerShoes.com. $200 USD.

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-57

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-56

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-62

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-59

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-67

Announced in January this year, the partnership with Japanese fashion brand ‘kolor’ for the A/W 2015-16 season is set to launch globally on September 25th. adidas by kolor is a union of two brands that are both famed for meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to innovation. The result is an authentic menswear collection of high-tech apparel and footwear.

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-69

kolor’s style combines modern design with careful attention to details. With his expertise, kolor founder and designer Mr. Junichi Abe creates products that have an optimal balance with every aspect – from craftsmanship and distinctive cuts and fits, to a subtle and leading-edge approach to design.
With its passion for sports, adidas’ aim has always been to make athletes better. With the combination of innovative adidas technologies, the highest levels of quality and visionary design, adidas constantly breaks new ground as it strives to provide the best products in sportswear. This aim is further explored with the exciting fusion found within the adidas by kolor collection.

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-71

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-70

Emphasizing on clean, effortless cuts, this collection of instantly wearable apparel utilizes the revolutionary adidas performance technologies Climaheat and Climachill – engineered for athletes to regulate body temperatures for an optimum athletic performance. The collection caries 9 apparel pieces, from SS as well as LS knit tops, fleece jackets, anoraks, short and long pants, to down jackets. The 2 footwear styles, which are also part of adidas ́ Ultra BOOST Collective, combine kolor’s design identity with the highest level of innovation by using adidas’ revolutionary BOOSTTM technology.

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-64

9-23-15 BLOG @flyhumanbeyond O'luyemi N'namdi flyhumanbeyond-68

Fusing the best of both worlds, the adidas by kolor performance collection combines the high-end fabrics and breakthrough technologies of adidas with kolor’s unique cuts and fashion-forward vision. The adidas Ultra BOOST Collective by kolor is now available in store and online at PackerShoes.com.

Retail is set at $255 USD.