Reebok Pro Workout Low (Off White & Black) – now available @ Packer Shoes

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The year was 1987… It was then that Reebok introduced it’s premier fitness shoe, the Pro Workout. At the time it was built to stand up to the rigors of a complete conditioning workout from weight training to sprints. Probably the most unique feature on this late 80’s classic is the special heel support system specifically designed to lessen the effects of pronation and supination in addition to the unique collar design.

While technological advances have been made in the past 26 years since it’s original release, the Pro Workout Low maintains an ineradicable casual appeal. Re-issued in two original colors, these are a must have for all footwear enthusiasts.

The Reebok Pro Workout Low is now available both in-store and online @ Retail is $100 USD (sold separately).