Clae SS17 Collection

Clae was launched in 2001 and has always aimed to reinterpret classics, which both of these silhouettes in their spring delivery do well. The Bradley is a clean, minimal design with a full gain leather upper and soft leather liner over a rubber cupsole with neoprene heel tabs on the white and navy and light pink versions, while the steel wash drapes the upper in washed suede. A sleek Ellington Textile flexes interesting patterns in an Oxford-like shape over a solid rubber outsole in three canvas options in denim herringbone, hemp, and deep navy.

All 6 styles are available now in-store at both Packer locations and online at

Clae Bradley – Light Pink ($140)

Clae Bradley – Steel Wash ($130)

Clae Bradley – White/Navy ($140)

Clae Ellington Textile – Gravel Herringbone ($75)

Clae Ellington Textile – Tan Hemp Canvas ($75)

Clae Ellington Textile – Deep Navy Canvas ($75)