Karhu Synchron Classic “Paavo Nurmi”

Karhu Synchron Classic “Paavo Nurmi” ($160)

Paavo Johannes Nurmi, nicknamed “The Flying Finn,” was a 9-time Olympic gold medal winner for Finland (not to mention his three silver medals). Most track athletes in the 1920s when he competed wore black spikes on the track, but Paavo wore all white kangaroo leather shoes instead. To celebrate 100 years of Karhu and the Paavo Nurmi Games in Finland, the nation’s largest track and field event, Karhu releases a Synchron Classic to commemorate the legacy of this great athlete. Black and white play off of each other on the upper as a nod to his unique style, while his signature appears in tonal black on the heel. The footbed features Antwerp and Paris, the Olympic cities where he won all his medals, as a way to honor the legacy as the world’s most medaled track and field athlete of all time.

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