COOGI x Puma Clyde Pack

We here at Packer gave the Puma Clyde three bold looks with our Clyde Frazier Cow Suits collection, and now the famed COOGI brand tackles the same model. Taking the signature multi-patterned knit fabric, one model’s upper gets fully draped in a dizzying array of colors and lines with a contrasting black formstripe, heel, and leather lining. A more toned-down version features a black leather upper with the sweater pattern on the formstripe and on the lining. To complete the luxe editions, each shoe also has 18k gold plating on the lace tips and eyelets.

The all-over version of the shoe will be available tonight at midnight EST online at The Black/Multicolor version will be available at midnight EST next Thursday, May 25th online at


COOGI x Puma Clyde – Multicolor ($200)

COOGI x Puma Clyde FS – Black/Multicolor ($120)