Maharishi: Tour d’ Afrique Editorial

Maharishi emerged as a streetwear juggernaut in the late 90s with its military-themed collections and an ethos based on functionality and sustainability by reusing upcycled military garments. Founded in 1994 by Harvey Blechman, a veteran of the Army surplus trade, the company has remained true to its original vision of high quality combat pants, myriad camouflage options, and rugged accessories.

We are proud to present this season’s offerings inspired by the mineral rich mines of Africa. One of the brand’s best-known items, their military Snopants, will be offered in black, olive, navy, and white. An integrated Crew Sweatshirt arrives in grey, olive, black, and navy. We will also include two jackets: a brightly-embroidered Raglan Tour Jacket with dual dragons on the chest and a detailed image of Africa with a military slogan on the back, along with a white Year of the Rooster bomber jacket which also features a rich branded embroidery on the back of the jacket. Four different styles of t-shirts (including one with long sleeves) hit the shelves in different color and branding options, as well as two sweatshirt and sweatpant combinations in olive and orange to round out this season’s offerings.

The entire collection is available now in-store at our Jersey City location and online at