Vans Spring ’19 Drop

Vans Spring ’19 Drop

Classic Vans Old Skool, Authentic, Slip-On Cap, Slip-On, and Era models arrive with whimsical twists. Two “Outside In” editions invert the Slip-On and Era so that the labels and markings, along with the elastic, appear on the outside. Two Checkerboard editions of the hybrid Slip-On Cap (which combines the Slip On) and Old Skool mismatch panels of suede and canvas for a deconstructed look. Lastly, the famed black and white checkerboard pattern appears in a blurred print with a slightly dizzying effect on the Authentic and the Old Skool, which features black suede panels on the throat, toe box, and heel.

Available on and in-store at Teaneck and Jersey City.

Vans Old Skool “Blur Check” – Black/Classic – ($65)

Vans Authentic “Blur Check” – Black/Classic – ($60)

Vans Slip-On Cap “Checkerboard” – Mysterioso – ($80)

Vans Slip-On Cap “Checkerboard” – TruWht/Blk – ($80)

Vans Classic Slip-On “Outside In” – Natural/Stv – ($60)

Vans Era “Outside In” – Natural/Stv – ($60)