In the third installment of the Sesame Street collaboration with Puma, two Leadcat slides arrive in red and blue to highlight Elmo and Cookie Monster. Across the terry material the eyes of each character are embroidered, while the footbeds vary the expressions and have logos of both collaborators.

Available now online at

Sesame Street x Puma Leadcat – Cookie Monster ($50)

Sesame Street x Puma Leadcat – Elmo ($50)


Recently, we released the Sesame Street x Puma collaboration pieces for kids, and now two models have arrived for adults, each with two options. The Puma Basket models, one in black and the other in white, get straightforward black and white canvas applications with contrasting outlines of the faces of Sesame Street characters, each over a classic white sole with heel logos from both collaborators. The Puma Suede gets all-over embroidery of Elmo’s eyes and nose on the red suede upper, while the blue model gets Cookie Monster’s eyes across blue suede.

Available now online at

Sesame Street x Puma Suede – High Risk Red ($105)

Sesame Street x Puma Suede – French Blue ($105)

Sesame Street x Puma Basket – Whisper White ($100)

Sesame Street x Puma Basket – Black ($100)


Sesame Street x Puma Kids Basket Mono ($60)

Amazingly, Sesame Street has been on the air for 48 years. Teaming up with Puma for two models with multiple character inspirations, the show’s characters bring their personalaities to each shoe. The Basket Mono and Runner models both have two straps that get Cookie Monster blue, Elmo red, and Big Bird yellow accents. A white Basket model is simpler with black outlines of Elmo and Ernie across the uppers.

All styles are available now online at


Sesame Street x Puma Kids Runner Mono ($45)


Sesame Street x Puma Kids Basket – Star White ($60)