Vasque, producers of world-renowned hiking boots, have two models available for those who hit the trails in colder, slicker conditions. The Skywalk GTX features both grey suede and black mesh on the upper over a Pyrenees sole. Domestically-tanned leather and Gore-Tex lining comprise the tried and true Skywalk GTX, designed to endure nasty weather and keep stability, no matter the terrain.

Available now in-store at both Packer locations and online at

Vasque Skywalk GTX – Charcoal/Jet Black ($200)

Vasque Skywalk GTX – Jet Black ($200)


Vasque is a famed hiking and trailwear company that has produced world class footwear for over half a century. The Sundwowner GTX features domestically-tanned leather and Gore Tex protection from the elements over a Pyrenees sole in two color options, brown and black.  A retro-styled Skywalk GTX features both leather and mesh on the upper over a Pyrenees sole.

All 3 are available now at both Packer locations and


Vasque Sundowner GTX – Brown/Red ($220)


Vasque Sundowner GTX – Black/Blue ($220)


Vasque Skywalk GTX – Brown/Navy ($200)